Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Wiersbe on Galatians

"When a Christian turns away from living by God’s grace, he must depend on his own power. This leads to failure and disappointment. This is what Paul meant by 'fallen from grace' (Gal. 5:4)—moving out of the sphere of grace and into the sphere of law, ceasing to depend on God’s resources and depending on our own resources."
(page 25, Kindle Edition)

"Certainly there is nothing wrong with obedience, fasting, or solemn times of spiritual worship, provided that the Holy Spirit does the motivating and the empowering. The flesh loves to boast about its religious achievements—how many prayers were offered, or how many gifts were given."
(page 75, Kindle Edition)

"It is not wrong to have standards in a church, but we should never think that the standards will make anybody spiritual, or that the keeping of the standards is an evidence of spirituality."
(page 123, Kindle Edition)

"Liberty + love = service to others. Liberty – love = license (slavery to sin)."
(page 129, Kindle Edition)

"The legalist might be able to boast that he is not guilty of adultery or murder (but see Matt. 5:21–32), but can anyone see the beautiful graces of the Spirit in his life?"
(page 134, Kindle Edition)

All quotes from Be Free by Warren Wiersbe.

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