Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Woman's Walk with God

I recently finished reading A Woman's Walk with God by Elizabeth George.
Here are some quotes that stood out to me.

"Love, joy, and peace are godly attitudes that enable us to handle the difficult circumstances of life. Patience, kindness, and goodness help us in our relationships with difficult people."
(page 79, Kindle Edition)

"Kindness means making life easier for others— not harder— just as Jesus makes your life and mine easier."
(page 98, Kindle Edition)

"Moses took it— and took it to God, appealing to God and waiting on Him to come to his rescue in these unjustified attacks."
(page 162, Kindle Edition)

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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Knowing God's Love

As we grow in grace, as we draw nearer to God, we become more aware of our need for Him. Thus, our love grows. And our desire to sin lessens. "But our sinning is not about how much harder we try. It's about our relationship with our Father and His Son." (Kelly Minter, What Love Is, page 89)

As we know God more, our love for Him grows. And our love for others grows. "We can't separate loving others from our belief in Jesus. Both are intertwined. Our confession of Him will lead to action, and true love in action will result from our knowing Him. Belief without love can make you a Pharisee. Love without belief can make you a humanitarian. But if you have both, you're a child of God." (Kelly Minter, What Love Is, page 103)

We exist here, but here is not everything, and we should live in light of that. We've been touched by the eternal; therefore, the temporal has lost its sparkle. We have tasted better.

Out of the grace I have known flows the grace I show others. As I love others, I become a manifestation of God in their lives. Love the unlovely.

"Loving like Jesus loved means I'll sacrifice my personal comforts for another, I'll take on a friend's burden, forgive someone who betrayed me, feed a stranger, hold an orphan with a contagious bug, give my money away, pursue the person on the fringes of society - the one whose worldview and behavior are entirely different from mine." (Kelly Minter, What Love Is, page 118)

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

O, Love Divine

O, Love Divine, amazing love,
That brought to earth from Heaven above,
The Son of God for us to die,
That we might dwell on high.

He died for you, He died for me,
He shed His blood to make us free
Upon the cross of Calvary.
The Savior died for me.

For us a crown of thorns He wore,
For us a robe of scorn He bore,
He conquered death and raised the grave,
And lives again our souls to save.

O, Wanderer, come I bid believe,
His grace by faith receive,
Awake our eyes and hear His call,
The feast is spread for all.

O, Love Divine by Fanny Crosby

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I Don't Wait Anymore

I recently finished reading I Don't Wait Anymore by Grace Thornton.
Here are some quotes that stood out to me.

"'It just makes me think about how incredibly big God is,' she said. 'The fact that He created a universe so big we can’t even find the edge of it after decades of looking for it. I mean, that’s just crazy.'"
(page 31, Kindle Edition)

"'God,' I whispered, 'I’m going to sit here every morning. I’m going to read Your Word for an hour at least. I’m going to pray, not for answers, not for You to send something into my life to make it make sense or to give it direction, but just to know You, to know You for You. To hear You speak. I just want You. I don’t want the life I have. If everything I’ve been taught is true, nothing in my life and nothing that I want is better than me really knowing You. Please show me how to know You. Please show Yourself to me. Please open Your Word to me so that my heart can know You.'"
(page 51, Kindle Edition)

"That you go to God to get God, not to get what God can give."
(page 54, Kindle Edition)

"Please spend my life the way You want to, the way that’s best for Your kingdom. My life is Yours. I just want to know You more."
(page 95, Kindle Edition)

"They really saw Him, and they wanted Him alone. There was no wavering. It didn’t feel like a sacrifice. Easy, no. But simple, yes."
(page 111, Kindle Edition)

"God, let me see You this year, let me know You more by the end of this year than I do at the beginning of it."
(page 140, Kindle Edition)

"That’s how the best narratives happen. Yours. Mine. I don’t need my story to look fancy. I don’t need it to look traditional, and I don’t need it to be crazy and adrenaline filled. I just need it to give me more of Jesus. I don’t want to settle for anything less."
(page 220, Kindle Edition)

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