Tuesday, October 08, 2013

The Message of Pioneer Missions

Throughout the span of church history the sense of urgency to reach out with the gospel to those who have not yet heard has been impressed upon both the church collectively and believers individually. In Romans 15 the apostle Paul both eloquently pours out his burden to reach those who have not heard and summons us to follow his example.

The gospel of Christ must be the only message proclaimed.

Christ is the only way unbelievers can break out of their bondage. They have no hope and they live in utter darkness. How important for the light of the gospel of Christ to shine forth among them.

The gospel of Christ must be what the messenger boasts in.

Paul states in verse 16 that the reason God bestowed grace upon him was for him to take the gospel to the Gentiles. As a result, this is what Paul did with his life after his conversion. Because he followed through with the task God had given him, he was able to recount what God had done as a result of his obedience. In this Paul boasted and gloried.

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