Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Growing in Christ

As believers, both our salvation and our sanctification take place in Christ. We are saved through His righteousness, and we are progressively sanctified through an increasing knowledge of Him. As saved individuals, it is imperative for our existence as Christians to continue to grow in the knowledge of Christ. This knowledge is not just “a ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling toward God” but it is also a knowledge of who God is and what He wants from His creation.

The only way that we can grow is to know Him more and more. This in turn is only done as we spend time studying God’s word. This is not a flighty scanning of the Scriptures, but a digging deeper into the storehouse of knowledge about God that is contained therein. Just as it takes work to prepare meals for us to eat each day, so we must realize that it will take work for us to prepare “spiritual meals,” as it were, for ourselves each day.

And those of us who are responsible to feed others spiritually must realize that it will take an extra amount of effort on our part so that we will have something to share with these who rely upon us. The virtuous lady in Proverbs 31 illustrates even this point, for verse 15 states, “She rises also while it is yet night, and gives meat to her household, and a portion to her maidens.” While this verse is talking primarily about physical food, it also has a spiritual application. Spiritual food must be given to those for whom we are responsible and it will take effort expended on our part.

The only way that we can fulfill our responsibilities is by growing in grace and peace by means of the knowledge of Christ.

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