Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Equal Standing - Women in Luke - Part 2

Mary, the mother of Jesus
- a virgin when Gabriel spoke to her
- engaged to Joseph
- Gabriel addressed her as "highly favored" and "blessed among women"
- accepted humbly Gabriel's message; it appears that she accepted all of this by faith
- traveled with Joseph to Bethlehem; there Jesus was born
- the mother of the Messiah
- pondered over all the events pertaining to Jesus' birth and the celebration by the shepherds
- apparently rather poor: "a pair of turtledoves" (Luke 2:24)
- anxiously looked for Jesus when he went missing in Jerusalem at age 12
- came to Jesus during His ministry, and urged Him to see her
note: the way the text reads, it appears that this request was not one that she should have made
- among the women who are listed as one's who came with Jesus from Galilee
- among the women who went to the tomb and found that Jesus had risen

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