Wednesday, October 19, 2011

30-Day Giving Challenge 2011

Last year I participated in the 30-Day Giving Challenge during the month of November.  The premise is rather simple: each day of November be a blessing to those around you by giving each day.  I plan on participating again this year, and I will also be blogging about my experience.

As last year, I will be participating in the challenge by making each of my "giving" acts anonymous.  And thus, my posts might at times be a bit vague in order to keep things anonymous.

To read more about the challenge, see the link above.  The information hasn't been updated yet this year, but the premise still holds.

Come join me in the adventure!

To see some of what I wrote about last year, check out these posts:
- 30-Day Giving Challenge Week 1
- 30-Day Giving Challenge Week 2
- 30-Day Giving Challenge Week 3
- 30-Day Giving Challenge Week 4
- 30-Day Giving Challenge Final Days


Jennifer @ Saving & Giving said...

We're so glad you're joining us this year! Everything is updated now and we're ready to GIVE. Thanks for sharing!

HappyAndersons said...

We're looking forward to this challenge too, it's going to be great!

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