Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jesus - The Great I Am

I've been working on a series about Jesus' "I Am" statements in John for my junior church class. I know this is nothing new and many others have written about these statements. However, I wanted to share some thoughts from Christ's statement in John 14:6. I've been familiar with this verse for most of my life. As a child I always thought it interesting that in German this verse contains examples of nouns in all three genders.

As I was studying it in the past couple of weeks, the following thought stood out to me:

Jesus makes a significant statement about Himself.

  • once again, He affirms His deity - “I Am”
  • “the way” - the means by which a person comes to God the Father
  • “the truth” - the only true truth – anything that denies Jesus is not truth
  • “the life” - the only means of real life
In that one sentence Jesus manages to pack so much significant theological truth.  


Aronne said...

"anything that denies Jesus is not truth"

I like that. A lot.

en karin said...


Thanks for your comment. And yes, I really like that statement, too.

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