Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Knowing God's Love

As we grow in grace, as we draw nearer to God, we become more aware of our need for Him. Thus, our love grows. And our desire to sin lessens. "But our sinning is not about how much harder we try. It's about our relationship with our Father and His Son." (Kelly Minter, What Love Is, page 89)

As we know God more, our love for Him grows. And our love for others grows. "We can't separate loving others from our belief in Jesus. Both are intertwined. Our confession of Him will lead to action, and true love in action will result from our knowing Him. Belief without love can make you a Pharisee. Love without belief can make you a humanitarian. But if you have both, you're a child of God." (Kelly Minter, What Love Is, page 103)

We exist here, but here is not everything, and we should live in light of that. We've been touched by the eternal; therefore, the temporal has lost its sparkle. We have tasted better.

Out of the grace I have known flows the grace I show others. As I love others, I become a manifestation of God in their lives. Love the unlovely.

"Loving like Jesus loved means I'll sacrifice my personal comforts for another, I'll take on a friend's burden, forgive someone who betrayed me, feed a stranger, hold an orphan with a contagious bug, give my money away, pursue the person on the fringes of society - the one whose worldview and behavior are entirely different from mine." (Kelly Minter, What Love Is, page 118)

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