Tuesday, February 23, 2016


What is compassion? Compassion is seeing a need and wanting to help alleviate it. It is what the Good Samaritan felt - and acted on - when he helped the man on the road to Jericho. It is what the father of the prodigal son experienced when he saw his son returning home.

God show us His compassion because He has an abundance of loving kindness towards us. God's compassion is what led Him to promise to restore the Israelites after their time of captivity in Babylon.

God's forgiveness arises out of His compassion for us.

What does this mean for us? What does this mean for our day-in and day-out of life? As we reflect God's character, we should respond to others with compassion. That means extending physical aid when we encounter those who have physical needs. That means extending reconciliation to those who seek restored relationships. That means seeing that others need to be loved and loving them regardless of whether we consider them worthy of our love. That means forgiving those who have wronged us because they need our forgiveness.

Our interactions - our desires and motivations to help others - need to be steeped in grace and compassion and love and kindness. We should never desire "to fix" people. People aren't projects. They are individuals. They are individuals who need love.

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