Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Shame Interrupted

I recently finished reading Shame Interrupted: How God Lifts the Pain of Worthlessness and Rejection by Edward Welch.
Here are some quotes that stood out to me.

"More likely, Jesus was offering Peter a new memory for the smell of charcoal. From this moment on, whenever fires were being lit, Peter would remember the fire at the beach and the welcome of the risen Jesus."
(page 200, Kindle Edition)

"Faith is not a blind leap over a cliff. It is trusting and resting in Christ alone. It comes as you are persuaded of your need and his faithfulness, love, and power. The entire Bible, and most of what we have done so far in our attempts to scorn shame, is about knowing God."
(page 210, Kindle Edition)

"The result: you will want to honor him through voluntary service. You will feel compelled by gratitude to serve others. The honor we are shown by the Servant initiates a cycle in which we joyfully follow his lead."
(page 225, Kindle Edition)

"You were unacceptable before God and other people. Now you are acceptable before God, though you might be unacceptable before others. Is that okay with you?"
(page 245, Kindle Edition)

"And who could deny that godly character is magnificent and beautiful?"
(page 253, Kindle Edition)

"Some of the heroes of the kingdom are tax collectors who do their work honestly, widows who give generously out of their poverty, and broken people who trust in Jesus rather than themselves and aspire to love others more deeply."
(page 268, Kindle Edition)

"Shame is sure to find us, so there is no need to pursue it. But when it does find us, Paul wants us to know that honor before God outweighs whatever shame we experience before mere creatures."
(page 272, Kindle Edition)

"Is Jesus enough? The question flits around during times of love, health, and plenty, but it is the question in times of loss, sickness, and insecurity. Is Jesus enough?"
(page 296, Kindle Edition)

"They didn’t even call out to the Lord for help, which is the most common way to honor him. When we pray we acknowledge that he is greater than we are. When we turn to our own strategies, we treat him as second rate and assume that we have more resources than he does. When we sin we hold God in contempt."
(page 311, Kindle Edition)

"Obedience when no one else is watching can be a particularly fine way to boast in the Lord. Like children obeying parents when no one is home, our faithfulness pleases the Father and expresses his greatness."
(page 311, Kindle Edition)

"Our interest in how we treat others is threatening to overtake our concern about how others treat us."
(page 319, Kindle Edition)

You have just finished reading Shame Interrupted.
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