Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Superabounding Grace

"Grace upon grace" ... I have long been fascinated by this phrase.

It sums up the Christian's experience. Each morning, we are overwhelmed again by His grace. Every moment, we can rejoice because of His grace. It flows into our lives. It renews our hope. We find strength because of His grace.

It superabounds. No sin is so heinous that it cannot be covered. No is sin is so common that it cannot be covered. We stand before God because of grace. We press on in the Christian life because of grace.

No hardship we face is too great. No sadness is too overwhelming. No grief is too debilitating. In all of these, His grace is more than sufficient.

Though you are weary. Though you are discouraged. Though nothing seems to be working out. Hope. Trust. For He pours out His grace on you.

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