Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lifting Our Eyes to the Hills

Often when life gets hard, or busy, or both, we are tempted to to focus on these problems that are in our life, and we take our focus off of God. However, this is not how God wants us to handle such situations. In Psalm 121 we find the biblical way to deal with those obstacles, those mountains in our lives.

What is our initial response to the mountains in our lives?
We tend to focus on those problems, those mountains. This in turn brings us no relief, but rather brings forth a cry of despair. Where are we going to find help to overcome our difficulties?

We need to respond in faith.
Instead of focusing on our problems and trials, we need to focus on God. He is the only one who can help us. We can trust God because we can see His power. It is on display for us every day as we look around at the beauty and intricacies of the universe He made. We can also trust God because He cares for us.

As we trust God, He holds us together.
He watches continuously over us. He protects us No harm will come to us by day or night. He will keep us from all evil. He will keep our souls - pure, clean, and focused on Him. He will watch over us as we go about our daily lives.

Since God is watching over us with such tender love and care, we need to focus on Him, even when we are surrounded by insurmountable problems. For, when our focus is on Him instead of those mountains, we will mount up with wings as eagles and soar over those mountains of difficulty.

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