Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Praise God, the Glorious Architect

God has created a universe that proclaims with a shout - and with a whisper - His glory. God has created a universe that provides us with our needs. In grateful praise, then, let us worship Him all the days of our lives.

Bless God all the days of your life.

The meditation, the thoughts, of the believer should be characterized by being pleasing to God.
“I’ll spice my thoughts with thee, and from thy word gather true comforts” (Henry Vaughan in The Poet’s Book of Psalms).
Because of God’s wondrous works, sing! Break forth in praise before Him. “Meditation is the soul of the religion. It is the tree of life in the midst of the garden or piety, and very refreshing is its fruit to the soul which feeds thereon. And as it is good towards man, so is it towards God” (C. H. Spurgeon).

All of creation joins in the song of praise to God declaring his power and beauty. Man, the pinnacle of God’s creation, should join in that song of praise. This he is enabled to do by the change wrought in him through salvation. Creation exists to point each and everyone of us back to God. As George MacDonald made the statement, “If the world is God’s, every true man and woman ought to feel at home in it. Something is wrong if the calm of the summer night does not sink into the heart, for it embodies the peace of God. Something is wrong in the man to whom the sunrise is not a divine glory, for therein are embodied the truth, the simplicity and the might of the Maker.”

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