Thursday, October 17, 2013

30-Day Giving Challenge 2013

Since 2010, I have participated in the 30-Day Giving Challenge during the month of November. The premise is rather simple: each day of November be a blessing to those around you by giving each day. Since I have had a busy fall, I have realized that I really need to be intentional with my giving this year. So, this last week I sat down and planned out what I wanted to do.

I have put together a Pinterest board with some of my ideas. Check it out here if you'd like to see some of my plans.

As in the past, I will be blogging about my experience.

Also, I will be participating in the challenge by trying to make each of my "giving" acts anonymous. And thus, my posts might at times be a bit vague in order to keep things anonymous.

Come join me in the adventure!

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