Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Comfort in the Face of Wickedness - The Comfort of God’s Character

Evil is pervasive. The wicked speak evil, and they do it from a heart entrenched in wickedness. With such a bleak outlook, where do we find hope? We find hope in the Almighty God.

When faced with such evil, we can join the psalmist in pleading earnestly with God to arise and to take action on behalf of those being oppressed. We can ground our plea in the fact that we know that God is King and that God is aware of what is happening.

God’s position as King.

This kingship is not just a passing kingship (in contrast to the power which the wicked holds), but rather it is an everlasting kingship. Faith clings to the fact that God is in control, that He has authority over the universe, and that He is working out all things according to His divine purpose.

God is aware of what is happening.

The psalmist in his plea exhorts God to not forget the humble. These humble are those who are meek and poor. These are the people to whom is promised the inheritance of the earth in Psalm 37:11.
God will not forget the meek. Although at the current time the fulfillment of His promise seems to not be at hand, He will follow through in that which He has promised. He knows what is transpiring, and He will fulfill that which He has promised.
God is intently listening to the desire, to the prayers of the humble. He knows what their desires are and their pleas will not go unheeded.
God knows what we are needing, what our desires are. Our pleas do not fall on deaf ears. Quite the contrary; God is intently listening to what we are saying. Even though at times it might seem like God is not hearing us, we can rest assured that truly He is hearing us as we plead with Him in humility.

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