Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Comfort in the Face of Wickedness - The Wicked Speak Evil

Not only is evil pervasive, but the words of the wicked person are characterized by evil.

The wicked boasts concerning his heart’s desires.

The wicked is characterized by glorying in his desires. In contrast, the righteous person, should have the opposite character in his life. In other words, God should be the object of the righteous person’s glorying.

The wicked blesses the greedy.

The wicked person blesses those who are greedy. This might be a reference to the fact that he himself is greedy. Or, it might just refer to the fact that he supports those who are. Whatever the case, he uses his words to support those who walk contrary to God’s commandments.

The wicked has a foul tongue.

The wicked person’s tongue is “full of cursing and deceit and fraud” and “mischief and vanity.”
The first set of these words focus on making false vows that are never intended to be kept. The wicked person is good at using his words to deceive those around him. He might make promises or vows, but he surely never intends to follow through with them.
The second set of words point towards the misery and the unrighteousness with which his speech is characterized.
If the wicked person is characterized by a certain pattern of speech, then so also is the righteous person. The person endeavoring to follow God must make sure that his speech lines up with the lifestyle he is pursuing. The speech patterns of the wicked should not be found in the righteous.

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