Monday, November 07, 2011

30-Day Giving Challenge 2011 - Week 1

Last week, the 30-Day Giving Challenge began.

Here's my summary for this past week:
Tuesday - volunteered at a local library
Wednesday - dropped off non-perishables for the food drive my church was holding for students of a local seminary; helped out with my church's Wednesday evening kids' program
Thursday - wrote a note of encouragement to one of my fellow teachers
Friday - wrote a note of encouragement to one my friends
Saturday - helped with my church's English classes for immigrants in our community
Sunday - taught junior church

I've enjoyed having a renewed focus on others this week.  And, I'm looking forward to seeing what new opportunities arise this week and the rest of the month.


Amy said...

I love these! Thank you for sharing!

HappyAndersons said...

We wrote a few thank you notes and encouraging letters this week too!

en karin said...

@Amy - Thanks for stopping by!
@HappyAndersons - Glad to have you joining in!

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