Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thoughts on the Goodness of Work

This is one of my favorite hymns:

Jesus, Thou Divine Companion

Jesus, thou divine Companion,
by thy lowly human birth
thou hast come to join the workers,
burden bearers of the earth.
Thou, the carpenter of Nazareth,
toiling for thy daily food,
by thy patience and thy courage,
thou hast taught us toil is good.

They who tread the path of labor
follow where thy feet hath trod;
they who work without complaining
do the holy work of God.
Thou, the peace that passeth knowledge,
dwellest in the daily strife;
thou, the Bread of heaven, art broken
in the sacrament of life.

Every task, however, simple,
sets the soul that does it free;
every deed of human kindness
done to man is done to thee.
Jesus, thou divine Companion,
help us all to work our best;
bless us in our daily labor,
lead us to our Sabbath rest.

- Henry Van Dyke, 1909

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