Friday, June 03, 2011

What I'm Reading This Week - June 3

I hope the month of June has started well for you.  Here's this week's collection of articles, and I admit it's rather a motley selection.

Syncretism: The Universal False Religion | Sharefaith
What it is and where it is.  Warning: You may be surprised by this article!

SR-71, How Slow it Go? | Blogengeezer
Even if you don't know what the SR-71 is - and if you don't, go look it up! - this is an amazing story!

Another Way to Write 1000 Words a Day? | The Thesis Whisper
If you find yourself doing a lot of writing - even if it's just for university classes - here is some great advice and insight.

Let's talk! Have any finds that you would like to pass on? Post a comment below.

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