Friday, January 14, 2011

Thoughts on Reading

Even a cursory glance at this blog will tell you that I do a considerable amount of reading. While this is partly due to the fact that I enjoy reading, this is more so due to the fact that I think reading is important.

Why, however is reading important?

- It's an easy way to keep yourself educated.
We hear a lot about continuing education. Reading – and understanding what you read – is a manageable way to learn more, to keep up with your field, and to expand your knowledge into new areas.

- It does not have to cost a lot of money.
You can pick up a book for a handful of dollars, or go to your local library and borrow the book from there.
If you're more into reading things online, Project Gutenberg has an extensive library of books that are available for free through the public domain. Also, Daily Lit will send you portions of a book to read through your e-mail.

- It can open up new opportunities.
As you spend time reading, you will continue to expand your knowledge. As you learn more, who knows what new opportunities will come to you because of your new knowledge.

Do you have a favorite book to recommend? 


Aronne said...

I read this cool book called "Pride and Prejudice" that you might like. Some of the sentences are kind of long, but I know you like grammar and that stuff. :P

But seriously, you are quite right. I've been enjoying DailyLit's services a lot. Been reading Alexander Pope's Rape of the Lock. It can be hilarious at times, precisely because I know his references - from reading books!

en karin said...

Another website that I forgot to mention is It has a lot of Christian texts.

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