Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall - A Season of Transition

Here in Minnesota the evidences that fall has come are clear.  Leaves are changing colors.  The weather is crisper.  The sun is setting sooner.  Schools are back in session.  There is a sense that we all have put away our summer things, and we're starting to hunker down for the winter ahead of us.  
While some find fall depressing with its thoughts of summer past and the oncoming cold of winter, I find fall fascinating.  Yes, the leaves on the trees are dying and falling off, but they go in a blaze of glory.  And, they go because the trees neither have the means to sustain them during the winter months nor the strength to support snow-laden and frozen leaves.  Yes, the animal kingdom as a whole is busy storing up food to last out the winter months, and some will not survive, but they go about their task with an energy that is inspiring.  Flocks of birds are flying south.  Squirrels are scurrying around gathering nuts.  Deer are acquiring a winter coat.  What a busy season fall is!
As I look around me and consider all that occurs in nature during fall, I am drawn once again to marvel at God's all-powerful wisdom.  The seasons change, animals and plants go through life cycles; all is just as He has ordained.  I am thankful that as things in nature and in life change, that I can rest securely on my unchangeable God.  

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